Water Project Refi Bill by Hillsboro State Rep About to Become Law

(Columbus) -- State Representative Shane Wilkin (R-Hillsboro) announced House Bill 264 will head to the governor for a signature after the Ohio House of Representatives agreed on the bill’s Conference Committee report during yesterday’s session. Sponsored by Wilkin, the legislation would allow the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) the authority to not only finance, but also refinance water and sewer projects.

Under House Bill 264, local governments would have the ability to refinance water and waste water projects if an opportunity to obtain lower interest rates would present itself. This aspect of the legislation will save Ohioans money in the long run, as these types of projects can be paid off quicker.

“I developed the idea for House Bill 264 alongside State Rep. O’Brien after looking back at my local government leadership experience and realizing a bill like this could save our townships, villages, cities and counties millions of dollars,” said Wilkin. “Savings like that are especially necessary during the times we’re facing now during the pandemic.”

An emergency clause passed as a part of the bill with unanimous support. The bill itself also passed with unanimous support yesterday with a vote of 80-0. Wilkin mentioned that since the bill’s introduction in May, 2019, it never had a vote in opposition.

“From the time House Bill 264 came out of the House, to the time it was voted out of the Senate and even to when it was voted on in Conference Committee, the bill never have a single vote against it,” said Wilkin. “House Bill 264 is truly a bipartisan bill that benefits all Ohioans, no matter what your political party might be.”

The bill will become effective immediately once signed by the governor, due to the emergency clause in the bill.

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