United Way of Ross County Welcomes Two New Board Members

The United Way of Ross County, one of the area's leading non-profit organizations, has announced new appointments to its Board of Trustees.  

Taylor J. Holschuh (pictured above) is the owner of Shelter Insurance in Chillicothe.

J. Christopher Davis (pictured above) is the Plant Manager at Kenworth Truck Company in Chillicothe.

"The fundamental responsibilities of trustees are to provide the organization with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight and direction," said Rick W. Smith Sr., president and CEO, United Way of Ross County. Smith adds, "Both Taylor and Chris bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to the board. We are very excited to have them join our team."

The United Way of Ross County Board of Trustees oversees the organization's operations. It ensures that the public's trust is upheld, that the mission addresses a community need, that practices are ethical, and that legal requirements are met. The board is responsible for assuring the organization's financial integrity and solvency and establishing procedures to safeguard the organization from fraud and risk. The term of the new members will be three years. 

"While all of our Trustees come from diverse backgrounds and are comprised of people from all over Ross County, there is one thing that we all have in common, and that is the love for our great community," said S. Kim Jones, chairwoman, United Way of Ross County Board of Trustees. " As a trustee, our new members join a group of dedicated community members committed to the oversight and leadership of our local United Way."

The United Way of Ross County's mission is to mobilize resources to improve lives and strengthen our community. It does this by addressing the underlying causes of problems. Its focus is on education, income, and health, and it engages and promotes collaboration with people and organizations that bring passion, expertise, and resources to get things done. From fundraising to creating new programs to help those in need, United Way is the number one platform in Ross County for community impact.

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