Two Chillicothe Police Officers Awarded for Saving Baby's Life

Two Chillicothe police officers were given the Silver Star Award today for saving a baby's life December 31st.

Mother Sammy Rowe said her three-week-old infant Luke stopped breathing, and Luke's father was performing CPR as they were headed back to the hospital on Bridge Street. Officer Jonathan Dunham and Officer Terry Brown caught up with them at the Olive Garden and rushed Luke the rest of the way while performing CPR.

They were at Water and Hickory streets when they heard the call. Officer Brown said he drives fast and his partner Dunham has had extra medical training.

Captain Michael Short can't remember the last time this award was given, but they earned it by being exactly what a police officer should be.

Though the officers say otherwise, Luke's mother says they are heroes.

The news release from the Chillicothe Police Department:

On February 19, 2021 at 2:00pm Officer Jonathan Dunham and Officer Terry Brown will receive the Silver Star Award during a ceremony at the Chillicothe/Ross County Law Enforcement Complex 28 N. Paint St.

On December 31st, 2020 around 11:33am Officer Jonathan Dunham and Officer Terry Brown were dispatched to a 3 week old infant who was not breathing and in a vehicle pulled over in front of Olive Garden on North Bridge Street. Officer Dunham and Officer Brown arrived on scene and Officer Dunham quickly picked up the infant and got into the rear seat of Officer Brown’s patrol vehicle. Officer Brown transported the infant in emergency mode to the Emergency Room, while Officer Dunham performed CPR, mouth to mouth resuscitations, and chest compressions. The infant arrived to the awaiting Emergency Room’s staff and survived.

Officer Dunham and Officer Brown demonstrated extraordinary heroism in performing life-saving measures and without delay transporting a 3 week old infant, who was not breathing to the Emergency Room. Their actions gave this infant the best chance for survival and exemplified what it means to be a Police Officer.

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