New Book in Historic Mt. Oval Setting hosted by ArtsaRound

A sense of place grounds us in our journey through life. For some it is a city, a house, a tree or a path. For authors finding the place for their novels is its own journey. Author Beth Livingston from Dublin Ohio finds historic houses gives her inspiration for her writings. Historic homes in Rochester and Buffalo New York and Columbus Ohio have been locations for her novels. The Kenton House takes place in the Kelton House on Town St. in Columbus Ohio. Ms. Livingston does her research for the period of each book in its location. While the stories are all fiction, she uses real places from the time period in addition to the homes.

Mt. Olive is the name of the book located in the Pickaway County historical house and farm known as Mt. Oval. Mt. Oval is owned and operated by the Pickaway County Historical Society. It is open for tours and events May through September with a Christmas Party in December. In addition to Mt. Oval, a reader will find Nash, Hayesville, Emmett Chapel and various nearby farm houses used to enhance the story. When asked, the author said the following about choosing Mt. Oval for her story.

“I fell in love with Mount Oval when I first visited several years ago. As a writer of Christian historical fiction taking place in old homes, I tucked it in the back of my mind as a possibility for a future book. A couple of years ago, while visiting historic Lyme Village, I heard the true story of an indentured servant who came from England to work on a farm in Bellevue, Ohio. When he arrived, the farmer had died, and the wife, mother of ten children, could not run the farm herself, so she asked the man to marry her. That was enough to start me weaving a plot for a book. Of all the historical homes I’d visited, Mount Oval was the ideal setting, especially because of the drover’s room where the indentured servant could stay. At first, I wondered how I could fit ten children in that house, but it worked out perfectly. I am so grateful for receiving permission to use Mount Oval as the setting.”

According to the author, “Englishman Nate Chivers is offered a great opportunity in 1896 to work on the Saxby’s farm near Circleville, Ohio. But tragedy strikes shortly after he arrives, with consequences for himself and ten Saxby children. Will he be selfish and choose his own happiness at the expense of the entire family? Best friends Josie Saxby and Carolyn Pritchard both have their eyes on Nate. Who will win him? It all depends on Nate. Or does it? This stand-alone second book in the Tour of Homes series, imaginary stories taking place in real houses open to the public. The setting is Mount Oval near Circleville, Ohio.”

Permission was granted to Beth Livingston for the book Mt. Olive and in no way replaces the real story of Mt. Oval’s 1832 gentlemanly house and unique architecture, native American location, cattle drives and historical families and farms.

Mt. Oval is planning a tour of the house and area with a discussion with the author on July 31 at 2:00.p.m. Books will be for sale for $1 and there is a cost of $1.00 for the event. Mt. Oval is located at 3601 Emerson Road, Circleville, Ohio 43113

A book signing and book discussion will be hosted Saturday June 12th at the ArtsaRound Gallery on the Original Circle at 135 West main Street in Downtown Historical Circleville, Ohio. Book discussion begins at 1:L30 pm with purchased book signing to continue at until 4pm.

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