Woman Sentenced After Dog Found Tied to Fence, Abandoned

A Portsmouth woman has been sentenced following an investigation into an abandoned dog, found tied to a fence in Washington CH.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, June 20, Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS) humane agents were dispatched by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to a residence in the 800 block of Broadway St. after a call was received about an abandoned dog tied to a fence.

“At the time of Humane Agent Daugherty and I’s arrival, we found a very scared brindle mixed breed dog tied to a chain-link fence on a short leash without food, water, or shelter.” said Brad Adams, Chief Humane Agent and Outreach Director “The dog was super scared to the point where he was growling out of fear. I’m sure it was scary with the two of us who are complete strangers approaching him in the darkness.”

It was determined through the humane agent’s investigation that the dog, named L.S. had been abandoned around noon on the previous day. Agents contacted the owner, Brittany Yoakum, a previous resident of Bloomingburg, at around 1:00 a.m., who advised them that she was on her way to meet her boyfriend that afternoon and was moving to Portsmouth but couldn’t take the dog to their new place of residence. Yoakum claimed that she posted the dog’s photo on social media to rehome him, and a man contacted her and was going to take the dog from Broadway Street. Yoakum tied the dog to a fence and left prior to the man arriving. Yoakum was unable to furnish the humane agents with any name or contact number of the person who allegedly contacted her by phone that previous afternoon.

“I know during the daylight hours it was pretty hot out and the sun shining bright on that day. I am sure L.S. was quite thirsty during those 12 hours and didn’t enjoy being in the direct sunlight without access to water, shelter, or shade for that period of time.” said Adams

The humane agents removed L.S. and transported him to their downtown animal care and adoption center where he was given lots of treats, food, water, and love until he was transferred out, through a partnership with the Fayette County Dog Shelter, to a rescue who will spend some time providing training and preparing him for a new, loving home.

Brittany Yoakum, age 19 of Portsmouth was charged with a second misdemeanor Abandoning Animals, and two counts of charges relating to Cruelty to Animals. Yoakum was arraigned in the Washington C.H. Municipal Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to all three charges. Yoakum was fined $100, given a 90-day jail suspension, five years probation, and no owning, harboring, or having control of animals for five years. 

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