Money Approved for Bridge Renovations in Tar Hollow, Zaleski State Forests

The State Controlling Board has approved $1.3-million for improvements to bridges at Tar Hollow State Forest in Ross County, and Zaleski State Forest in Vinton County.

The two bridges included in this project were last renovated in the 1960s and have various structural deficiencies.

The bridge in Zaleski State Forest has been closed to traffic per recommendation from the Ohio Department of Transportation after the last inspection in 2020 and will be the first priority for this project. Due to significant deterioration of the structural components of the bridge, it will be replaced with a new bridge structure.

The bridge in Tar Hollow State Forest has significant rutting of the asphalt roadway approaches and the bridge deck structure is deteriorating with exposed rebar and spalling concrete. The bridge structural components will be rehabilitated or replaced and the roadway approaches will be replaced.

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