Ohio Star of Farming Reality TV Speaks at Ross Soil & Water Annual Meeting

The Ross Soil & Water Conservation District held their annual meeting Thursday night at Sunroom at the Brick in Frankfort.

With most of their clientele being farmers, the featured speaker was an Ohio star of farming reality TV.

Cory Atley, who farms about 800 acres near Centerville, is in his second season of both "Corn Warriors" and "The Podfather" on RFD TV, where he competes to have the highest yield of corn and soybeans. He was given the "Phil Donahue" treatment by emcee Mike Smith.

Former radio voice Bob Neal is now the District Administrator for the Soil & Water Conservation District. He says the district started 74 years ago during erosion issues in the Great Depression, and has a mostly agricultural focus. Neal said the return on investment includes conservation subsidies to farmers of more than $5,000,000 a year.

"Cooperator of the Year" was Kelvin and June Putnam. June explained that true husbandry of the land included killing weeds...and that the current generation pays for the land "with blood, sweat, and tears," but must conserve it for future generations.

Learn much more in the interviews below.

Kevin Coleman reports on local government and local culture

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