State Representatives Were in Chillicothe for a Meet & Greet Tuesday

Two state representatives were in Chillicothe for a meet and greet Tuesday. Mark Johnson was the focus at Fire & Stone Pizza, but his neighboring legislator Shane Wilkin was also there.

Mark Johnson, Ohio House District 92

Mark Johnson's House District 92 covers most of Ross and Fayette, and the west half of Pickaway County.

He said dealing with the economic disruptions of the pandemic is a high priority for him in the statehouse, and workforce development is powerful tool for the near future.

Johnson says there are several things community colleges can do, and the Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center is a key player. He says it's important that we keep the education infrastructure we have in place.

He also said broadband is like electricity in 1920s, where outlying areas now need coverage.

Shane Wilkin, Ohio House District 91

Shane Wilkin's House District 91 covers most of Clinton, Highland, and Pike, and two southern townships of Ross County.

Wilkin also feels the economic disruptions of the pandemic are high priorities, and workforce development is a major tool. He says he is excited about developing the "Ohio Coding Scholar Program."

He says he hopes the pilot program can be expanded, to expose students to new opportunities - and that Southern Ohio kids can do anything, and they should not be judged by their ZIP code.

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