Ohio Permitless Concealed Carry Starts Monday

A recently passed bill allowing a concealed handgun without the need of a concealed carry permit goes into effect Monday, June 13.

Senate Bill 215 will allow qualifying adults, 21 years and older, to legally carry a concealed handgun without a required license. This as long as it's not in a place where firearms are prohibited - such as courts, government buildings and bars.

By qualifying individuals, it’s meant that concealed carry is only allow for legal residents, not felons or fugitives or those subject to a protection order.

Concealed carry is also restricted to those who’ve been hospitalized or adjudicated as mentally ill, and those dishonorably discharged from the military. Ohioans that have been convicted of a drug offense, domestic violence or at least one misdemeanor offense of violence within three years or two within five years are also forbidden to conceal carry.

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