Economic Development Report for Ross County and Chillicothe Is Decent

The Director of Economic Development for Ross County and Chillicothe gave her mid-year report to the Ross County Commissioners Monday, and it was decent news. Our Kevin Coleman was there.

Tammy Eallonardo said the county's economy remains strong, about same as last year, regardless of COVID. She said the county has not suffered like some regions. Part of that is two very strong local industries, Pixelle and Kenworth.

But she says one major problem is access to natural gas, to entice new development. Eallonardo says Columbia Gas is reluctant and slow to act, and even then, they may not have the capacity to fill a new gas line.

She says it's probably a lack of competition. There are competing suppliers in southeastern Ross County, but most of the need is to the north, especially around the State Route 207 connector.

Find more information in the website of "Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development."

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture

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