"Rediscovering Chillicothe’s Forgotten Mounds" Tuesday Evening

Learn about the lost earthworks of Chillicothe Tuesday evening.

In their last meeting of the year, the Mound City Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Ohio will hear local archaeologist and educator Gary Argabright give his presentation entitled “Rediscovering Chillicothe’s Forgotten Mounds.”

This presentation will utilize a variety of resources including early letters, personal journals, plat maps, and archaeological journals to show how the first visitors, settlers and antiquarians reacted to the mounds which they found within the bounds of Nathaniel Massie’s newly-laid out settlement of Chillicothe.

It's 6:30pm Tuesday at the Ross County Historical Society. Meetings will resume in March.

Squier & Davis' 1848 map of earthworks in the Scioto Valley around Chillicothe, Ohio

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