Photos Released of Jewelry Found with Human Remains in the Lucasville Area

The Scioto County Sheriff has released photographs of three rings with the human remains that were discovered last week in the Lucasville area. The photographs are being released in hopes that someone will recognize the jewelry and help identify the remains.

A photograph of a watch is not being released, but it is distinct in that the band is of dolphins interjoined to form the band.

See the photos below.

As reported December 7th:

Remains discovered in Scioto County are confirmed to be human. Authorities say they were found by a hunter in Lucasville last Friday.

More information on the discovery was made available on Tuesday. After a preliminary review of the remains the biological profile suggest a white female between the ages of 30-50 being of average height, no upper teeth, no lower teeth (recently removed).

This female has an abnormal growth on the right side of her scapula which may have caused it to project from the back differently than the left scapula, being from a birth defect. This may or may not have been visible. In addition, two right ribs are fused along most of the length of the ribs.

The review suggest that the remains are less than two years old.

Sheriff David Thoroughman adds that three rings and a watch were also recovered at the scene.

He stated that detectives are currently working in conjunction with other agencies and the coroner to help identify these remains. Anyone who has information that may be useful to the case is asked to contact the Scioto County Sheriff's Office.

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