Jackson Patrol Post Hosts Open House for 90th Anniversary

The Jackson Patrol Post hosted an open house Saturday in recognition of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 90th anniversary. The open house allowed community members to meet Patrol personnel and see the local post.

“Since our inception, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has been part of the communities in which we serve,” Jackson Post commander said. “Welcoming community members into our house to share in our 90th anniversary celebration furthers that bond we share within this community. Our troopers and professional staff are also a part of this community, and we are very happy today’s open house provided the opportunity for us to get to know families within the community better.”

Along with interacting with Patrol personnel, troopers were on hand to answer questions about operations and equipment, as well as provide tours of the facility. A recruiter was on-site to assist with the application process for those interested in a career with the Patrol.

“Engaging with the community is crucial for us to build trust, foster positive relationships and ensure that our efforts align with the needs of the people we serve,” said Colonel Charles A. Jones, Patrol superintendent. “Our open houses provide a unique opportunity for us to connect with our communities and showcase our commitment to public safety."

As part of the Patrol’s 90th anniversary activities, the Patrol is partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio to help educate families about this free book program for Ohio’s littlest learners. Families with kids under the age of five can enroll their children into the program during the open house. After enrollment, the Imagination Library mails children one book each month until their fifth birthday at no cost to families. All Ohio children are eligible for this program. To learn more, visit ohioimaginationlibrary.org.

“I hope families will take advantage of this opportunity to meet some of the servant leaders at the Ohio Highway Patrol in their community, and I encourage them to sign up their little ones for free books in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio,” said Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine. “We want children in every Ohio neighborhood to experience the incredible benefits of early reading!”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol began on November 15, 1933, when the first 60 patrolmen earned their commissions following training at Camp Perry and began patrolling Ohio’s roads. Throughout the Patrol’s nine decades, the mission has always been the same – to save lives. Founders envisioned an agency that showed compassion and sincerity, and promoted the safety and welfare for all Ohioans.

Over the past 90 years, sworn officers and professional staff have provided service with a purpose for the citizens of Ohio.

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