Ohio Power Siting Board Approves Solar Energy Project in Highland County

The Ohio Power Siting Board on Thursday, April 20th authorized Palomino Solar, LLC to construct a 200 megawatt solar-powered electric generating facility in Highland County’s Dodson and Union townships.

The Board approved the project in an 8-1 vote.

The Palomino Solar project will consist of large arrays of photovoltaic modules, commonly referred to as solar panels, ground-mounted on a tracking rack system, as well as associated facilities including access roads, an operations and maintenance facility, electric collection lines, weather stations, inverters and transformers, and a collection substation.

The project will impact 1,410 acres within a 2,668-acre project area. The Ohio Power Siting Board required 44 conditions that the facility must adhere to in order to minimize and mitigate potential impacts during construction and operation.

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