All-FAC Fall Teams Released

The Frontier Athletic Conference selections have been released for 2023-2024 fall sports with the exception of football, which will be released next week, according to Chillicothe High School Athletic Director Knute Bonner.

Girls Tennis

Chillicothe High School: Bella Flores, Judea Harding, Avery Miller, and Kayla Penn

Hillsboro High School: Jenna Hart

Jackson High School: Lauren Carper

Miami Trace High School: Brooklyn Riggs, Caitlyn Davis, and Jacinta Pettit

Player of the Year: Bella Flores, Chillicothe High School

Girls Soccer

Chillicothe High School: Ali Mathis, Kiera Archer, Alex Erslan, and Savannah Knapp

Hillsboro High School: Hannah Holland and Rylie Scott

Jackson High School: Mattie Walburn, Sydney Carpenter, and Braelyn Brennan

McClain High School: Kaitlyn Jett and Luca Matesic

Miami Trace High School: Elyse Day and Hailey Webster

Player of the Year: Mattie Walburn, Jackson High School

Girls Volleyball

Chillicothe High School: Evelyn Hamman and Avery Cox

Jackson High School: Kenzie Davis and Sydney Hughes

McClain High School: Lily Barnes

Miami Trace High School: Addyson Butts, Sydney Carter, and Kylie Yeazel

Washington High School: Maggi Wall

Co-Players of the Year: Evelyn Hamman, Chillicothe High School and Addyson Butts, Miami Trace High School

Girls Golf

Chillicothe High School: Morgan Webb and Addison Smith

Hillsboro High School: Emma Yochum

Jackson High School: Aubrey Arnold

McClain High School: Kailyn Sterling,

Miami Trace High School: Emily Reeves

Washington High School: Faith Wynne

Player of the Year: Aubrey Arnold, Jackson High School

Girls Cross Country

Chillicothe High School: Alana McKenzie, Katherine McCallum, and Payton McQuirt

Hillsboro High School: Taylor Thoroman and Jailyn Williams

Miami Trace High School: Kamika Bennett and Karleigh Cooper

Runner of the Year: Alana McKenzie, Chillicothe High School

Boys Cross Country

Chillicothe High School: Daniel Hurff, Jayden Beverly, and Noah Flores

Hillsboro High School: Corbin Winkle and Rason Brunck

Jackson High School: Matthew Gibson,

Miami Trace High School: Eli Fliehman

Runner of the Year: Corbin Winkle, Hillsboro High School

Boys Soccer

Chillicothe High School: Kaiden Koch, Isaac Herlihy, Mason Brown, and Carter Dunfee

Hillsboro High School: Wesley Bailey, Ryan Howland, and Carson Scott

Jackson High School: Thatcher Brown, Michael Parana, and Coen Davis

McClain High School: Westley Smith

Miami Trace High School: Sekou Mara and Pierce McCarty

Co-Players of the Year: Kaiden Koch, Chillicothe High School and Sekou Mara, Miami Trace High School

Boys Golf

Chillicothe High School: Vincent Haller, Kaiden Koch, Jackson Oyer, and Kaleb Elliott

Miami Trace High School: Brady Armstrong

Washington High School: Will Miller, Garrett Wahl, and John Wall

Player of the Year: Vincent Haller, Chillicothe High School

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