$40 Vouchers to Spay or Neuter Cats Friday in Chillicothe

Low-cost vouchers to spay or neuter cats will be available this Friday in Chillicothe again…while supplies last.

“Purr..fect Companions Cat Resource Center” will offer “Cupid’s Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Vouchers” for $40 each. They will be good for 90 days at North Fork Animal Clinic and Town & Country Animal Clinic – as well as the day of the “Rascal Unit” when it visits Purrfect Companions March 15th.

You must come in person with your driver’s license to 80 North Mulberry Street and pay with cash between 11am and 1pm on February 9th. (That is not the location of the shelter, just donated office space.)

Purrfect Companions also ask for a donation of Friskies Paté canned food, Purina Kitten & Cat Chow, and clumping cat litter for their shelter cats. They may also offer other fundraisers for purchase, so bring extra cash. The donations help pay for these periodic spay / neuter voucher events and shelter expenses.

Be prepared to wait in line because of demand – they ask that only one person per family come in, with no children or pets.

There is no limit on vouchers…while they last. You must make your own appointment with the vets for the surgeries within 90 days. The “Rascal Unit” requires an additional $10 fee for a rabies shot at the time of surgery, and you will be given a date.

Learn more on their Facebook page, or call Purr..fect Companions at 740 / 851-2287 You can also apply to adopt a cat.

For Purr..fect Companions vouchers, come in person to 80 North Mulberry Street (not the location of the shelter, just donated office space.)

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