Request for Expansion of Hangar Space at Ross County Airport

A hobby-pilot-in-training asked the Ross County Commissioners to consider making more space available at the Ross County Airport.

Pickaway County resident Tony Moody say he bought a small plane and is taking flight courses, but could find hangar space for it only in Vinton County – in a building with a gravel floor, with clutter that he had to clean out. And when he needed his annual plane inspection, he had to schedule it in March in New Philadelphia.

Brad Cosenza, who is County Administrator for the Commissioners, added to the commissioners’ pride of the county airport. They said that it is one of the best in Southern Ohio, even better than Ohio University’s near Athens. Moody didn’t disagree, saying that Ross County’s was one of his favorites.

The commissioners said that there is room for more buildings, but no money for that right now. They said that during the COVID restrictions, local large industries flew in freight since truck drivers were scarce, sometimes using 737’s. And even though the FAA has restrictions on using hangar space for something other than planes, that has not always been followed, and all the hangars are full.

In addition, the mechanic at Ross County quit recently. The manager of the Ross County airport is working on selling to a new manager because of health issues, so the commissioners said policies may change with new ownership. The county owns the airport, but Jim Parks and his company manages it for the commissioners.

Moody also encouraged high school graduates to look into becoming pilots or entering aviation to fill the industry’s needs.

Hear Tony Moody as well as Brad Cosenza on the airport in video interviews, and find more in the article on the Scioto Post.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for the Scioto Post and iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact Kevin Coleman or the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom.

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